Argentinean Association of Audiovisual Editors


The EDA, the Argentinean Association of Audiovisual Editors, was created at the end of 2012 with the goal of improving working conditions, exchanging knowledge, experiences and information about our profession.

Since the official beginning of the Association’s web platform, we invited all the audiovisual media professionals of Argentina to share technical information, to discuss about our employment standards, and above all, to be communicated.

On the basis of openness and transversality, in 2013 we legally constituted our group into a Civil Association that provides support and counseling; promotes projects aimed to audiovisual editors; protects their professional interests; and generates spaces of ongoing training.


To gather professional editors who work in the audiovisual media in Argentina, for the purpose of promoting our craft and prioritizing our role in the industry.

To protect the professional interests of our members before public and private bodies, with the goal of ensuring a fair wage and equal labor conditions.

To create liaisons with similar associations and labor unions in our country and the rest of the world.

To encourage teamwork among our members.

To generate spaces of reflection about our profession.
To promote professional training through workshops and courses.
To be fully involved in the public debate about visual communication in Argentina; to have a voice to discuss about the audiovisual production in our country; and to have a leading role in these debates and promote them.
To generate publications of theoretical and aesthetic content about our craft.


2019 – 2021

Jonatan Victor Smeke

María Emilia Castañeda

Ana Laura de la Peña

Marina Sol Frigerio

Institutional Relations Pro-secretary
Jimena Rocío Salas Perilli

Mariana Durán

Germán Alfredo Sacanell

Sofía Viglioglia

Principal members
Emanuel Flax
Alberto Adrián Bao
Nicolás Germán Brukaló
Lucía Torres

Deputy members
Ana Laura Palottini
Damian Antonio Frossasco

Audit Body
Sofía Constanza Belgeri
Sebastián Ariel Polze